Direct Investment Via LLC

Tenants in Common

Investors can invest directly into the Tenants in Common ownership properties with as little as $25,000. They derive all of the same benefits, as the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange investment except taxes must be paid when the investment property is sold. An investor can invest with money in a bank account or IRA funds directly into tenants in common.

Remember, all investments, carry an element of risk.  1031 offerings have the usual risks of most real estate transactions; such as, possible loss of principal, economic risk due to vacancy rates, risk of default if unable to make payments on leveraged properties, or potential lack of geographic diversification among others.

These comments are for general educational purposes only, and do not address the entire topic. Programs such as these are for ACCREDITED INVESTORS ONLY. Prior to implementing any strategy, taxpayers are urged to seek the advice of their tax advisors.  For more specific information on investment risks, you should consult the offering’s prospectus.

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